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 EntryNo: 3611
 Date: Saturday
12:02 PM
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Prime Time Jesse James

 EntryNo: 3610
 Date: Thursday
05:41 PM
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Always been one of your biggest cheerleaders. I'm proud to be able to say "I knew you when?????" LOL I'm still in the "East" end of town and tryin' to get up "North". Love to you and Karen, hug each other for me.
 EntryNo: 3609
 Date: Wednesday
03:50 AM
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Hey John!!!
Nice hangin' with you and Tom today. Keep on playin' Bro.

 EntryNo: 3608
 Date: Friday
12:31 PM
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Hi, I sold you some random camera stuff at circuit city haha you seemed cool so uh here I am :D
 EntryNo: 3607
 Date: Monday
03:17 AM
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Hi John!!

Great to see you after all these years!(Holiday Inn, FMB). I was your student at Jerry D'Amico's on Pine and 19th back in 1975. Still playing the riffs you taught me way back then. Your playing always impressed me and I have tried to emulate your style; but I'll never catch up to you. Your sound and play has matured like fine wine. You have perfected perfection!!

Thank you for the invite to your home. I will definitely take you up on that. Let me know when you'll be back in town. I'm probably not more than 20 minutes from you. Love to show u my rig. Safe travels to the Nam show. (Say hi to Eddie Roscetti for me!) Look forward to see you at Big Al's!


Dave Gavin
17251 Trappers Dr.
Fort Myers, FL 33967
Cell: 239-634-1228

P.S. Just as a reminder, the Taylor acoustic you played in the parking lot that night was a 614 CE LTD. I think you would love it for your collection. (esp. the light action and ease of play!) By the way, My brother Jack would love to hear from you. His web site is Cell: 615-330-1352. (Formerly with Charlie Daniels; now with Tanya Tucker)

 EntryNo: 3606
 Date: Saturday
11:45 AM
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Just wanted to say thanks for the great music and friendly conversation last night at "Big Al's"!! Sorry we couldn't stay later, I had worked all day and my physical gas tank was on fumes. Looking forward to hearing you and your band again somewhere in SWFL.
P.S. I picked up and tuned my bass this am!! I'm rusty but watching you guys last night was inspiring!!

 EntryNo: 3605
 Date: Tuesday
11:03 PM
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Hey great music ill see you later bye
 EntryNo: 3604
 Date: Friday
02:54 PM
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John, great to meet you Thursday night at Baci's. We have much in common...we're both versatile, seasoned players, been doin' it for a long time! Your track samples sound great! Your turn to get to know me a bit....My Jazz website is but make no mistake...I am a Rock and Roller at heart. If you go to my photography site,, I have original instrumentals accompanying the home page ( Floyd-ish ), and each slide show in the galleries.Maybe life will put us playing together somehow, somewhere....It would be cool. Merry Happy Holiday, Rick
 EntryNo: 3603
 Date: Tuesday
09:03 PM
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AOL United States of America
Just wanted to say hey!

U R Awesome!

 EntryNo: 3602
 Date: Monday
10:43 PM
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What a wonderful surprise!
We stopped at Pinchers on Thanksgiving just for a drink. We stayed three hours at the bar and two nights at the Holiday Inn.
The level of your performance, your projection, your talent, and the warmth that emanates from your band made our time in Fort Myers a memorable one!
Thank You

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